Supporting Higher Ed Students in Developing Nations


Dieno Educare is committed to assisting students, interns, and those studying in developing nations with resources needed to complete their education. The IRCC reported in 2019 that there were a total of 642,480 international students studying in Canada. Many students in primary school, high school, post secondary and early higher education programs in developing nations do not have the resources available to continue their education or pursue an opportunity to advance their career and education. Many students in developing nations actively pursue remote jobs to support companies (both public and private) in North America while continuing their education in their home country.

We have created our “Support Higher Education Students” program to support students who may be struggling to actively pursue their higher education with a hope to one day enter the workforce in a career that otherwise not be possible.

Please contact us or use the Donation to support this initiative.

As we are a registered Canadian charity, all donations receive an official tax receipt.