Our Mission Statement

The Dieno Educare Foundation was created to subsidize child care expenses and support childcare facilities in third world countries to ensure children are given the opportunity to obtain pre-elementary school learning and quality childcare. It also provides resources and support  to K-12 and post secondary students in developing nations.

The focus will be on supporting single parents in Third World countries such as Jamaica, India and Nepal who are often in situations having multiple children under the age of 10, sometimes with multiple fathers who are no longer supporting or in the picture, and unable to financially support themselves. This often leads to very young children being left home unattended, or in unsafe and unhealthy environments while their parents work. It also often prevents single parents from being able to work full time jobs.

One of our secondary objectives is to support highschool and post secondary (higher education) students in developing nations so that they have the resources required to successfully graduate their programs and enter the careers of their choice. Often young individuals in developing nations are forced to work to support their families. The divide between students who are able to attend University and those who are not is continuing to further cultural issues in many communities see here

We will work with childcare facilities, under strict guidelines and accountability to assist single parents in paying for the child care of children in need. Our funds will also be utilized to provide additional resources to childcare centres which includes, but not limited to, books and other reading materials, computer systems, electronic devices, security devices and clothing.

Our Partners